Sunday, October 25, 2009

recent happenings

i don't know why i always feel like i need to have either a) pictures or b) something terribly exciting in order to post something on my blog. so, here is a less exciting post, minus pictures.

we are finally moved into our cute little apartment...yay! i don't know how big it is for sure, but it can't be more than 700 square feet. maybe 750. something about living in a little place is humbling, and i like it. i like that we have to get rid of stuff that we don't absolutely need and/or love. i like that we are in close quarters, and are basically all in the same room. i like having to work at making it all come together. what i don't that we still have stuff in storage. we make trips to the storage unit often. so often, in fact, that when i asked thomas what his baby's name was the other day...he said "storage." it sounded very much like george though, so his baby is now named george...which is somehow a fitting name for his beloved naked "beebee." i still have yet to find the pedal for my sewing machine, so we still don't have halloween costumes. i am no great seamstress, but somehow buying costumes just doesn't work for me. they have to be made by us, in some way. even if that means drawing a mustache and stuffing your shirt with can't be a full fledged store bought costume. i know, i'm weird. i blame my mom, for always making fantastic halloween costumes. i have some big shoes to fill.

thomas has been sleeping on his mattress on the floor for the past week, because we hadn't gotten around to putting his crib together. i have known for some time that he would be perfectly find in a toddler bed, but i just couldn't bring myself to make the switch, since he is, after all, my baby. i want him to be a baby, not a big kid. i feel like people now a days try to make their kids grow up too fast (which is an entirely different post all together).

so tonight we put his crib together, and only put one of the sides on. so he is officially in a real bed, and for some reason it just kills me. i no longer have a little guy who sleeps in a crib. something about that just tugs at my mama heart. however, at the same time, i love, love, LOVE this age. whoever said the twos were terrible is crazy. yes, he is crabby sometimes, and yes he wants his way. but...he is also very loving, and very excited about everything, yet he can still do many things on his own. he's also talking nonstop, and learns something new about every 5 minutes. i love my little guy.

steven has already had three interviews. he interviewed at the medical college of wisconsin and wayne state in detroit about two weeks ago, and has been placed on the waiting list at both schools. frustrating. we drove to scranton, pa for an interview on friday, and he should hear from them in the next week or two. and, he is flying to portland for an interview at ohsu next week (which we are very excited about). ohsu would be fantastic! our families would be four hours away, and it's a really good school. pray for him!

tibit of information: our new ward has 500 members that attend each week. 900 members in the ward all together. it's crazy. the chapel is L-shaped, and we couldn't even see the speaker today. there are two relief societies, and two elders quorums. it's like going to stake conference each week. weird, huh?

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

an apple a a few pumpkins

thomas and i went apple picking last week, and (minus inhaling a few hundred fruit flies) had so much fun. we had actually planned on going with our ward, but i didn't realize it was going to take an hour to get there. i decided than an hour away or not, we wanted to pick apples. so we went anyway, just mama and t. it was perfect. thomas loved every second of it, and so did i.

ok, thomas clearly didn't understand the excitment of these pictures, but his expressions are so cute that i had to post them.

excitment about goats....
goat practically jumps through fence at thomas...

thomas sprints away...but still very excited about the whole situation.

notice a trend? he thought he had to taste every apple. poor guy could hardly wait to pay for them. and...he has been eating them nonstop ever since. he didn't used to do well with apples, and therefore didn't get to eat them much unless they were chopped up into teeny, tiny pieces. we have had a few trial runs, and he hasn't had a single problem. yay!

and priceless. i'm not sure what the confusion was, but i want to look at this picture all day.