Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Dear Thief,

I'm sorry you were so hungry for McDonalds and in need of gasoline that you had to break into our cute Blackberry Honda Fit to steal Steven's debit card. I'm sorry you were so in need of music that you were forced to steal the few decent cds that I had left from when your friend broke into my car in college and stole the majority of my cd collection. I hope my two warm winter coats fit you well, and will keep you cozy through the Oregon winter months. If you need a third winter coat, ask your friend who stole mine approximately 3 years ago. He/she will also be able to provide you with a great laptop computer, complete with thousands of pictures of my family, friends and myself. Next time, please just knock on our door and ask for these things, and save us the trouble of having to drive to Sunriver without a window, while our very bundled baby sits in the backseat.

I really do love Eugene...minus the rampant theft problem.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Happy news

The only thing more exciting than being pregnant with a baby girl....is for my sister to be pregnant with a baby girl. Yay! This cute little thing is her adorable daughter, and they are soon going to have precious girl #2. I couldn't be happier. Thank you Aryn for giving me a cute baby to cuddle...I can't wait to meet her!!

We got to have Kaileigh stay with us for a WHOLE week this summer, it was so fun! She played dress up with aunt Kayla's sun hat...which I must say, looks much better on her!

She loved her braids, and wanted to take a lot of pictures of her new 'do. Sadly, they weren't as cute in the morning after sleeping on them all night. It's ok though...she loved it. We love you Kaileigh Tayler!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Vote NO on measure 58

For all of you who are in Oregon, vote no on measure 58! If it passes, there will be a limit of two years for students in the English Language Learners programs in Oregon public schools. In the national "report card" Oregon is currently in the LOWEST THREE states for quality of education provided for ELL students. Now is not the time to limit these students to just two years in the ELL program. Students who are at risk must receive all the help they can get in order to keep them actively engaged and supported in the classroom. We want to give children every opportunity possible to have positive experiences in school, and measure 58 threatens to severely limit these experiences for many of our students. Please, vote no on measure 58!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

A bathtub first

Warning: TMI...but it must be documented. It's a first we all must experience.

So, I've heard everyone talk about how horrible it is, but we had yet to experience the dreaded bath, until tonight. Thomas was taking his bath like usual, and life was grand. Soon his face turned bright red, he started grunting...and yes, he pooped in the tub. It was glorious. I was horrified. Luckily, we already washed him up pre-poop and he was ready to get out. I'm glad I can now join the "my child pooped in the tub" club. I love being a mama.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Summer in Pictures

I have been meaning to post some summer pictures for......well, since the beginning of our blog life. Since it's now October, that means we have a lot of pictures that haven't made it to the blog. So, here are some random favorites. Enjoy!

Go ducks!

So far we have been to only two football games, but both have been a lot of fun. Thomas LOVES it! He yells when everyone else yells, hits the rude guy standing next to us (he really did that...repeatedly), and even likes the $9 sodas...or at least the straws. He is a duck fan from the start, despite his dad's wishes. Sorry Steven...Go Ducks!

The first game we went to got really cold, so we covered Thomas up with the free towels they were handing out rather than buy an ugly adult-sized beenie for $30. He was a trooper. I would like to brag for a moment and say that I carried that 21 pound cutie in a front pack (despite the recommended weight limit) throughout the entire game as we STOOD in the bleachers (students refuse to sit in the student section). My feet were tired, my back was stiff, but it was a fun night. I love my little duck fan.
When Thomas fell asleep (which didn't last long) we used his "hat" as earmuffs. I'm glad we got pictures of this, I'm not sure anyone would believe that he was sleeping in the student section if we didn't have proof.
Pre-game enthusiasm at Uncle Tyler's. The mohawk was dawned for the special occasion. We all got a kick out of it.
How could I possibly as for more? I love him every single minute. Football games have never been so fun, thanks Thomas.

An apology from bad bloggers

Has anyone else noticed that so far we horrible bloggers? I am going to blame it on our busy school schedules, but I'm sure if I really tried I could be better. For now, I'm using it as the 'get out of jail free' card. I will try harder from now on. I promise.