Monday, October 27, 2008

Happy news

The only thing more exciting than being pregnant with a baby for my sister to be pregnant with a baby girl. Yay! This cute little thing is her adorable daughter, and they are soon going to have precious girl #2. I couldn't be happier. Thank you Aryn for giving me a cute baby to cuddle...I can't wait to meet her!!

We got to have Kaileigh stay with us for a WHOLE week this summer, it was so fun! She played dress up with aunt Kayla's sun hat...which I must say, looks much better on her!

She loved her braids, and wanted to take a lot of pictures of her new 'do. Sadly, they weren't as cute in the morning after sleeping on them all night. It's ok though...she loved it. We love you Kaileigh Tayler!

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Ani said...

Hi! I am glad you left a comment! You guys look so happy. Your little boy is so stinkin' cute!
You have a degree in Special Ed right? I do to, but not doing anything with it at the moment. You guys sound busy! But good for you for keeping at school!
I love having a girl! It is so much fun to get her dresses everyday. Never too early to get tryin'!