Monday, July 27, 2009

still chugging away on this masters project. i feel like it will never end. i feel like steven and i will never again go to bed at the same time. however, i only have two and a half weeks left of this...and then i'm done.


i almost can't believe it when i say it out loud. part of me will miss it, but most of me will not. i live and breathe for the freedom that awaits me in just a few short weeks. it's like the anticipation of christmas that i had as a little girl...
only better.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

random thoughts

steven has left me to go to scout camp with his
little brother,and i miss him like crazy.
but at the same time,
i'm so glad to be married to someone sweet enough
to dedicate three days to camping
with his little bro, who
wouldn't be able to go otherwise.

my eyes hurt like crazy, and always do.
pregnancy ruined my eyes,
and i've come to the sad realization that
they can't be fixed.
glasses don't work. and i hate them.
what is a girl to do when her eyes go out on her
at the ripe age of 24? ugh.

i want to move so badly! i hate our apartment,
and long forhardwood floors, and
huge windows that fill our living room with
natural light. i'm going to look at one tomorrow,
sans husband,
and will be late to class because of it.
but i don't care, because this may be "the one."

i wish i was done with school. oh how i wish i was done.
this masters project is looming over my head,
and i can't wait to see thefinal product.
but, once i'm done, i will long to have the
steady input of new information,
and will want to go back. it's a love hate relationship.

i love my new camera, and wish i knew how to use it.
now all i need is a teeny little laptop to call my own, and
dedicate to all things creative.

on the topic of wanting....which seems to be a horrible trend
in my thoughts as of late...i want to someday have a room
that can be dedicated to craftiness and creativity
i envision a long table, and lots of shelves
packed with all things creative.

lastly...i need to tidy up before i go to sleep.

new the blog that is.

the lovely and talented lindsay moore created a lovely header for me, and i love it! don't i look so much more put together now? i think so! now i need your input...should i leave the cartoon version of myself, add a cartoon steven and thomas, or just have the T? any suggestions?