Wednesday, September 30, 2009

home sweet....HOUSE

we finally found a place to live. we are sooooo excited. instead of paying a billion dollars a month for a tiny apartment, we will be paying LESS to rent an entire house. oh my gosh, the power of prayer is overwhelming. it has two bedrooms on the main floor, and then the upstairs is a huge loft...huge. i'm thinking playroom/mama's sewing/craft know, for all of the things that i want to do, but never get around to doing. now when our families come to visit, they will have the whole upstairs to themselves. we will also be property managers for the rest of the property. the basement will be rented out as a one bedroom apartment, as well as another studio and another house. it's all that we have wanted. we couldn't be happier, and can't wait to move in. we are so grateful for the promptings to wait until we found something better...and we did.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

super hero thursday

so, last thursday was super hero day. what? you didn't hear? well, we did. it started with a white pillow case, which i told thomas was a cape. then i showed him how cool it was to run with a cape on, like a super hero. then we added some red lipstick (i knew there was a reason i bought red lipstick!) to his forehead. a red T, for thomas. the T was later changed to a star, which he loved even more, and wanted to look at in the mirror about 20 times. we added some lightning bolts to his cheeks, which were smeered by tiny hands in about 5 seconds. the T got smeered too, but was still cute, so we left it. we decided he needed a we transformed the paper towl rod with some stars and streamers. he had a great time runing around outside, and it was so cute that i had to take some pictures. i love my little super hero. i especially loved that he insisted on wearing his moccasins. those cute little moccasins cost me about 50 cents at a garage sale a few weeks back, and were worth every penny....thomas loves them! so here is my super hero, in all his super hero glory. his bike became his super hero transportation, with moccasins of course. it started raining, which we both secretly loved. but, going back in for a star-shaped super hero lunch kept my little hero happy. p.s. he ate about 3 tomatoes with his lunch. who wants pb&j when you can eat tomatoes? he is definitely my son. we both think tomatoes are the fruit of the earth. he did enjoy the star shaped sharp cheddar...also one of my favorites. stars are sub par, due to the fact that i cut them freehand with a dull steak knife...but super heros aren't about perfection. at least mine isn't. i wish he could be two forever. at least for now i do.

note: thomas' cute bike was only $15 plus shipping (which i believe was $8). it is hardwood and steel. on the company website they sell for about $60 plus shipping. but, there is a sweet man that buys them in bulk, and sells them on ebay for $15. it's amazing. the bike is so fantastic! it comes new in a box, and you put it together...which takes all of 10 min. i even wrote my first ever thank you letter to an ebay seller after we received the bike in the mail. i was just so happy, and so thankful that we could buy thomas such a cute bike for his birthday. what a nice man, right? if you want one, let me know, and i will let you know where we got it. definitely worth $15. actually, in all honesty, it's worth $60.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

washington monument

so before we could go to actually see the monument, we had to hang around for a few minutes until it was 5:00, so we could park without getting a ticket. which meant thomas could run around, and i could take pictures of my cute boy. which is exactly what i did. i think he's the cutest boy ever.

as is characteristic for thomas, he love, love, loved the water...or "aber," as he would say.

however, then we saw this sign....

and thomas was less than impressed. i realize these are sad pictures, but it's still cute. he wanted to play in the water so bad. poor guy.

he also loved the birds though, so all was not lost.

some crazy helicopter kept circling the monument, and getting really close. weird, but kinda neat. next time we will really need to get there sooner to get tickets to actually go inside the monument. we are horrible tourists. we have no idea what we are doing. luckily, we are long term tourists, and will have time to go back.

as requested by papa

here are some pictures from about a week or so ago, when we
took a trip to the national zoo. it was really crowded, seeing
how it was the saturday of labor day weekend, at about noon.
but, aside from our poor planning, it was a fun trip.
we didn't get a chance to see everything, so we will definitely be
going back before the weather turns on us.

note: the really over exposed picture of thomas and i in the 'zoo' sign
was steven's doing. but, it would have been such a cute picture,
so i tried to save it. the sad thing is that steven took
quite a few cute pictures of thomas and i in the sign...
but unfortunately they are all VERY over exposed. oops.