Sunday, September 13, 2009

as requested by papa

here are some pictures from about a week or so ago, when we
took a trip to the national zoo. it was really crowded, seeing
how it was the saturday of labor day weekend, at about noon.
but, aside from our poor planning, it was a fun trip.
we didn't get a chance to see everything, so we will definitely be
going back before the weather turns on us.

note: the really over exposed picture of thomas and i in the 'zoo' sign
was steven's doing. but, it would have been such a cute picture,
so i tried to save it. the sad thing is that steven took
quite a few cute pictures of thomas and i in the sign...
but unfortunately they are all VERY over exposed. oops.


Andrew and Michelle said...

Those pictures are so incredible! Do you guys have an amazing camera, are you amazing photographers, or are you just amazingly photogenic - or all of the above :)
miss you!

Brie and Jeff said...

ditto. Too cute.

Adam M said...

Kayla, you're totally rocking the photography thing! Keep it up!