Sunday, September 13, 2009

washington monument

so before we could go to actually see the monument, we had to hang around for a few minutes until it was 5:00, so we could park without getting a ticket. which meant thomas could run around, and i could take pictures of my cute boy. which is exactly what i did. i think he's the cutest boy ever.

as is characteristic for thomas, he love, love, loved the water...or "aber," as he would say.

however, then we saw this sign....

and thomas was less than impressed. i realize these are sad pictures, but it's still cute. he wanted to play in the water so bad. poor guy.

he also loved the birds though, so all was not lost.

some crazy helicopter kept circling the monument, and getting really close. weird, but kinda neat. next time we will really need to get there sooner to get tickets to actually go inside the monument. we are horrible tourists. we have no idea what we are doing. luckily, we are long term tourists, and will have time to go back.

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Justin + kelly said...

What a fun adventure you guys are having!! There is so much to see and history to be partaken of in the nations capital! How long will you be there for?