Thursday, September 3, 2009

so far

so far i'm loving the following things about our new corner of the world

spending all day with my cute thomas
running in the morning before it gets too hot
fireflies! thomas and i saw our first one last night...and caught him in a jar. it was magical
the perfect weather
the national air and space museum (plus the many others we have yet to visit)
reading in the hammock while thomas naps
napping while thomas naps
uninterrupted evenings with my cute husband
getting lost driving down cobblestone streets in adorable neighborhoods
washington harbour (pictures to come)
sending postcards to my nieces (oh how i miss them!)

side note: steven already has two interviews...yay! one at the medical college of wisconsin, and one in scranton, pennsylvania. my husband is so smart and hard working, not to mention smokin' hott! i love him like crazy. did i mention how cute he is?

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Brie and Jeff said...

So glad you're loving it. Way to go on the interviews! I told Steve that my older brother went to medical school at MCoW. They loved the branch their, Kopps Custard (a MUST), and Milwaukee in general. Now he's doing his residency at the Mayo Clinic.