Thursday, October 16, 2008

A bathtub first

Warning: TMI...but it must be documented. It's a first we all must experience.

So, I've heard everyone talk about how horrible it is, but we had yet to experience the dreaded bath, until tonight. Thomas was taking his bath like usual, and life was grand. Soon his face turned bright red, he started grunting...and yes, he pooped in the tub. It was glorious. I was horrified. Luckily, we already washed him up pre-poop and he was ready to get out. I'm glad I can now join the "my child pooped in the tub" club. I love being a mama.

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The Ipsons said...

Isn't it gross?! The first time it happened with us, Dal grabbed it, squished it in his fingers and tried to eat it....luckily Landon knocked it out of his hands before it reached his mouth!