Thursday, September 18, 2008

Fun outing

Yesterday we took a little trip to a great fruit farm and had tons of fun!! Thomas fell asleep in the car, so we let him sleep while we pushed him around while we eyed all of the yummy fruits and veggies that we were going to buy before heading home. We also figured we couldn't pass up the opportunity to take some pictures on a tractor. Steven wasn't as into it as I was.

And after he woke up, we walked over to this neat little place...the goat walk. Who would have thought? They have this neat little set-up where the goat walk on these little bridges overhead and you can send food up to them on this neat little pulley. We didn't have any quarters to feed them, but loved the idea. And loved the goats. Check out that smile!!

They also had a fun little playground, and Thomas LOVE, LOVE, LOVED the slide. Can you tell? He got a little "slide burn" on his back, but wasn't phased a bit. He's a daredevil in the making.
Afterward we had to buy some produce, of course. It looked too good not to. We got a HUGE zucchini, a few different varieties of apples (one of which Thomas couldn't get enough of in the car on the way home), some nectarines, plums, tomatoes, an onion, bell peppers (including purple, which looked neat but tasted gross) and a juicy peach for me to eat in the car. It turned out to be a fun and healthy day. Lone Pine Farm gets two thumbs up!


Clara & Brian said...

I miss Lone Pine Farm! and you guys too :) Sounds like a fun day at the farm. Wish we could have gone with you. Thomas is to cute.

Taegers said...

Hey guys! Your son is so cute. It looks like you guys are doing well. If you guys ever come back to Utah we should do something!

Kristin said...

Hey Kayla,
Found your blog through Clara's. I love Lone Pine Farm and their goats! Just so you know, next Tue. for Mommy 'n' Me we are going to a pumpkin patch, you should come.