Wednesday, November 11, 2009

our halloween

for the ward halloween party, the cute wizard got all dressed up, about 5 minutes before we left, steven and i decided to be bacon and eggs...steven's idea. somehow, it was a huge hit. i even met a lady who worked for the national egg board (yes, apparently it's a real job) who was more than thrilled with my costume.

on halloween night, we went to a fun little neighborhood party in the park for the kids, and then went trick-or-treating with our upstairs neighbors and some of their friends. thomas was SO thrilled to be trick-or-treating with the kids. he cared more about being with the kids than he did about the candy. while thomas was trick or treating, i learned something: when your boy is dressed up and trick or only care about making sure that you get some pictures of him in action, and care less about how whether or not they look fantastic. i was having so much fun that i wasn't focusing much on the camera. luckily, thomas is so cute that it doesn't matter. he love, love, LOVED being a "weezard" and still wears his hat and beard around...and carries his wand around. he also still loves his owl bag, which was intended just as a trick or treat bag, but has become a beloved possession.

my poor pumpkin is on the left...steven's science pumpkin is on the right. i don't remember what steven carved, but is something science/medical related. i know, he's my cute nerd. i love my nerdy science man.
he painted that pumpkin, so he really wanted it in the picture. the plan was for mom to paint some black stripes or something on it, but we dropped it at the end of the photoshoot, and kinda ruined it. oh well, painting it white was fun. maybe we can try again for thanksgiving decorations.

the orange shirt wasn't planned, but not bad eh?

my cute "weezard."

he was pretty excited when he saw the bouncy houses...but was TERRIFIED of the one with the octopus on top. if you took him near it, he freaked. it was so sad.
i had to include this one, just because it's so classically thomas. didn't like the feeling of the hay on his feet. plus, his aunt rose gave him this cute halloween shirt, which was hers when she was little. i love that it will fit him for a few years, and he will be able to say that he is wearing his aunt rose's shirt. i'm sure she will love that too.

notice how sweaty my boy is? it was a pretty humid he was wearing a double-thick felt hat. now add 10 steps to get up to every front door...and you get a sweaty kid. but for thomas, that's nothing new.


Bryce said...
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Lindy and Bryce Ellsworth said...

Adorable pictures! Looks like you all had a great Halloween! Hope life is wonderful for you!

Mary said...

love it! you need a better picture of the bacon and eggs, though! i was excited to see how they turned out!!

Brie and Jeff said...

Can I just say that you're gorgeous . . .even as an egg. Thomas just makes me smile. :) Loving it.

mom said...

So cute!!! My favorite is the one where T is putting the pumpkin on your head. His giant laugh makes me laugh! I can just hear him! Can wait to see him!


Lanenga Family said...

So cute! I love your little wizard! Did you make the outfit? It looks great! I love his laugh with the pumpkin on your head also--what a precious shot!

Brie and Jeff said...

ha the food fight was . . . just because? Some friends planned a food fight, except not everyone knew that's what it was going to turn out to be. Fortunately, we knew. It's not something I would do all the time (we were so disgusting and smelly afterwards, the clean up was a little tricky even with precautions), but we had never been a part of an organized food fight before! It was a good time.