Saturday, June 20, 2009

camera confusion.

dear photography buffs of the world,
i want to join your club. i am nearly done with school (so close!), and have decided that i need something to fill that time slot. what better hobby than documenting the life of my cute boy. i have done my research and think i want a canon rebel xsi. it is lovely, and so are the pictures it takes. i have been to a few different camera shops, and a billion websites, and this seems like it's the right choice for my price range. any comments? help me please!

*note: if i had more readers, this might be a more useful post. but alas, i do not. hopefully someone out there will take pity on me.


Justin + kelly said...

That is classic! I was driving home today and thinking maybe I could return the redbox movie from last night and splurge on a cone...then I remembered probably not the best way to get rid of baby weight :(

Anyways, I have a Nikon, 2 actually and I love them. My Japanese husband says "always buy Japanese. Very reliable!" and they are. However, my Japanese father-in-law just bought a Canon and LOVES it. They do take great pictures and are very user-friendly. Basically, a very good choice! And for a starter SLR a great choice.

Andrew and Michelle said...

Sorry, I don't have any camera wisdom...but I think your choice looks very fancy and professional and like it will take great pictures!

I would love to go for a walk or a bike ride sometime. Call or text me and let's go sometime soon.


Brenley said...

I use a Nikon. But I have nothing against Canons. I have heard that that is a great camera. But the great photographs come from the lenses and your EYE. Which I can tell from the pictures on here that you have a good eye already. I can't wait to get a new camera, I am sorely in need of one (mine is 4+ years old) but it will probably have to wait another year or two.