Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Happy Birthday, my love!

I devote this post to my perfect husband who turned 24 yesterday. Happy Birthday, Steven! It was probably the busiest Tuesday I have had so far this term, and Steven had class until 6:00, but we made the most of his special day. He got steak for dinner, made by his charming wife, and chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting for dessert, with a side of dove dark chocolate. Did I mention Steven likes chocolate?
Attempt at a family's harder than you might think!
Thomas loved the balloons!! He kept throwing them over the coffee table, and then screaming when he couldn't reach them anymore. Then he would grunt as he tried to stuff them under that red chair in the background. Too funny!

He is usually great at kisses...must be camera shy.

I had no idea this golf game would be such a hit when I picked it up at the grocery store last night. It was a last minute purchase, but well worth it! The little golfer is spring loaded and chips the magnetic golf ball onto the metal green...and it sticks so well! It's actually possible to get a hole in one too...if you go to Safeway I recommend picking up this gem of a gift for a bargain price of $7.99.

Thomas loved the apple cider so much that he actually drank it out of a sippy cup...which is unheard of. He is strictly a regular cup drinker...and is surprisingly good at it for being 15 months old.

I love this picture for so many reasons. He looks so cute...but also old, which makes me tear up.

Happy Birthday, Daddy!! We love you!

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Lindsay M said...

aaaaaaaaaw! I love your family! You are just so darn cute and fun! Ok, so we are so excited to see you guys when you visit. Let us know when you'll be down our way and we'll be ready and waiting to hang with you and get Little aquainted with T, now that he is actually aware of his surroundings ;). Is there anything specific you want to do while you are visiting? You could crash at our place in S.Fork if you want, just let us know. Facebook me and we'll make plans for sometime while you are in the great state we call home.